Slip Leash, secure double stop adjustment

Brand: MIA K9
Shipping time Europe 1 week, overseas 2-3 weeks

Easy to use and handy! Takes a second to slip the loop over dog's head and you're ready for a walk! Or for lead walking training as a matter of fact. The beauty of slip leash sizing is there is no minimum size, it can be set as low as 5" to fit a tiny puppy and then adjusted when needed up until adulthood!

'Secure double stop' means there are two sliders that help keeping your leash loop in preferred adjustment setting. This way you can make sure that the tight, anti-pull setting does not bear the risk of choking but still gives unpleasant sensation that your dog hopefully prefers to avoid. And the loose limit slider keeps leash loop small enough so it won't fall over dog's ears allowing the dog to run away.

Sizes of dog's neck:

M up to 40 cm / 15.8"

L up to 50 cm / 19.7"

XL up to 60 cm / 23.6"

 Slip leashes have as many followers as opponents, some claim it's a great tool in teaching dog to walk politely on leash, others spread the fear of dog choking in it. Well, in my opinion both are right, slip leash IS a great tool but only when used correctly, properly set it discourages dog from pulling by tightening loop around neck. It is easy to put on and does not require additional collar. It is NOT suitable for dogs that pull like a freight train, not only because it tightens but also because it is narrow and there is a risk of hurting dog's throat. For strong pullers better try wide collars or harness.


  • Webbing strap made of polyamide (nylon).
  • Handle is padded with foam-lined upholstery suede
  • Thread: Amman
  • 25mm plastic regulators ITW Nexus
  • Stainless Steel D-ring
  • Width 25mm.
  • The leash has comfortable length of approx. 100cm (plus the loop length) so your dog stays close. If for any reason you would like a different length than readily available, remember I make them at my workshop so any alternations are possible! Simply contact me on email ( or via 'Contact us' form before you make the purchase.

 Please be aware that by altering any detail in this product, like changing size to a custom one, requesting changing of hardware/thread colours, adding an ID ring or a sew-on patch etc. , you are willingly abandoning your right to return the item, even if you change your mind or it does not fit. This does not affect your statutory rights. You have only legal right to return a customized item if a fault is found in it. This law covers all countries we sell to. For more details see our Policies.



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