Upgrades for Saddle Harness

Brand: MIA K9
Shipping time Europe 1 week, overseas 2-3 weeks

Make the harness to suit your needs! Or your dog need as a matter of fact.

  • Make the gear extra tough by swapping the plastic buckle to a metal one (AA Cobra). Buckle colour will be matched with ordered harness colour.
  • Add more velcro patch space by adding a velcro area at the back of the harness.
  • Change the D-ring to parachuting V-ring, although here the difference is in looks not the toughness ;) We have two colours of V-rings to pick from: polished and matt black! The black cover is very abrasion and chip resistant. 

These items are only available with Saddle Harness purchase, for Cargo Vest and collar upgrades search ADD-ONS category



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