DIY Embroidered Patch -Design your own project!


Pick the background colour, the font, the patch size and leave your customization message.

EXAMPLE of a correct message in PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION tab: 

DO NOT PET, thread dark red for both message and frame, (optional) wolf pawprint in lower right corner

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30,00 zł tax incl.

€ 6.98 tax incl.
£ 6.00 tax incl.
$ 7.91 tax incl.

Here's some great treat! Get creative and design your unique patch with your dog's name, your phone # or even a whole message. Different sizes, fonts, colours and background available!

This should be given in Product Customization note box with this item:

NAME/PHONE#/MESSAGE and any other details that should be on your patch. If you like a message design already shown in the example photos, just describe which photo it is. Take into consideration overall design of the patch, to fit a lot of words we'll have to use small letters that won't be readable from afar.

COLOUR of the embroidery thread that you want to be used, see mosaic images for available colours. Frame can have a different colour than the message. If you don't describe what colour should the frame be in, it will be embroidered in the same colour as the patch message

(Optional) FONTS -  if you decide on a custom font, leave a link to its download in the 'PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION' box, find fonts on sites like

 Please note that any stars/dog paws/wolf paws/flowers etc. visible in our example pictures are only added on request. They can be found at under Dingbats theme, if you like any of symbols already on the photos, just describe which symbol it is in your note with other details. Unfortunately they cannot be added to all patches, those with long messages or wide font have no room for additional symbols, some Dingbats are too detailed to be embroidered on a small area.


Here are available sizes of patches, and our gear that matches them, of course you can attach it on any Velcro area large enough to fit the patch on:

  • 2x3"/ 50x77mm - great for 2"/50mm wide collars with Velcro area, LONG names on this patch has to go across the area to fit, see 'GUINNESS' patch as reference, if there are 2 lines of text (name +phone#) then lines are straight and letters are smaller, maximum 3 lines of text, REMEMBER TO ADD VELCRO AREA TO YOUR COLLAR
  • 1.5x3" / 38x77mm - to fit velcro areas on 1.5" collars, maximum 2 lines of text, REMEMBER TO ADD VELCRO AREA TO YOUR COLLAR
  • 1.5x5" / 38x130mm - the size made especially to fit the Velcro area on our Flat collars and Padded collars, maximum 2 lines of text
  • 2x6.3" / 50x160mm - fitting nicely on Vest and Harness Velcro areas
  • 3.55x4.3" / 90x110mm Front Pad Badge, hexagon shape made to fit cargo vest and comfort saddle harness, its exact shape depends on the size of the purchased harness, REQUIRES ADDING EXTRA VELCRO AREA TO THE FRONT PAD, SEE 'CARGO VEST UPGRADES' in add-ons section
  • 5.9x2.95" / 150x75mm Large patch to cover PALS on our Cargo Vest, REQUIRES VELCRO ON PALS (SIDES), SEE 'CARGO VEST UPGRADES'


All patches are Embroidered on genuine Cordura fabric, the AMANN Isacord embroidery thread is synthetic. The patches are backed with high quality hook fastener (commonly known as velcro fastener)

As the patches are fully customized, there will be NO RETURN possible.

After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.



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