Mini Tactical Collar with Handle 25mm wide

Brand: MIA K9
Shipping time Europe 1 week, overseas 2-3 weeks

Mini version of our Tactical Dog Collar. Made especially for these pups that might not qualify for a K9 school but are BIG & BAD at heart!


S 28-34 cm / 11-13.4 inch

M 34-44 cm / 13.4-17.3 inch

L 39-54 cm / 15.3-21 inch

The handle is not full-sized to fit a hand, but it fits 3 fingers that should be enough to hold a smaller dog (in our opinion). Due to small size of the collar a large handle wouldn't be reasonable but it can be made larger if requested in order message. NAME PATCH ON THE HANDLE does not apply to this product, the handle is too narrow.

The buckle is made of Acetal, strong type of plastic used also in other plastic buckle collars in our shop. These buckles are mil-spec.

The collar is designed for small dogs up to 25kg/55lbs, our guarantee won't cover damage made by larger dogs.



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