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Refund Policy

Please choose wisely, take care when taking measurements. You have a right to return the item if it does not fit/suit your expectations (within 14 days after the parcel is received), return is ONLY available if the item is NOT CUSTOMIZED, unused, undamaged, clean and with no usage marks, return postage is paid by buyer and will not be refunded.

We don't offer a replacement or a compensation if the item was chewed/ damaged by a dog. Refunds are only offered when manufacturer fault is found, this consists mainly of stitching/thread failure. Plastic buckle failure caused by a strong pull will not be considered a base for refund because a warning is issued in our T&C's that they have limited durability and shouldn't be used with overly strong dogs.

Upon unsuccessful delivery, your parcel is going to be stored at your local courier pick-up point for 14 days and you will receive attempted delivery notice in your mailbox/porch/safe place. If the parcel is uncollected by the buyer and returned to us, no refund will be offered. The parcel will be safely stored with us until fee for re-shipping is paid for.


We guarantee that our products are made with highest quality materials and stitched with great care and attention to detail. Each item is hand-made and checked for any flaws before posting. We guarantee that items are flaw-free when posted although we cannot guarantee that hidden flaws won't show in time. 

By hidden flaws we mean weakened parts of materials (webbing , buckles, eyelets etc.) undetectable to human eye that could occur in manufacturing process and went undetected through quality check. Hidden flaws are not likely to occur, we take care to use only highest quality materials from well known manufacturers.


1.Most of our products are covered by 1 year guarantee, the exceptions are:

-MIA K9 harnesses (all types) that are covered by 2 year guarantee

-toys and tugs that are not covered by guarantee, these items are intended to be bitten by dogs and are likely to be damaged in the process

2. Our warranty covers:

  • stitching failure
  • breaking of any elements under normal use
  • tears of fabric under strain

3. Our warranty does not cover:

  • damage caused by improper use of our products (see point 4. for examples)
  • damage caused by improper care for our products
  • damage caused by contact with dog's teeth and/or sharp objects
  • standard wear of materials (see point 5. for examples)
  • fading of printed webbing
  • paint damage/chipping on painted elements caused by normal use

4. Improper use

Our plastic ITW Nexus buckles are made from acetal, this is one of the strongest polymers available BUT it is still plastic, it might break. Plastic buckles are not suitable for very large, pulling or lunging dogs, the buckles strength is 80-100kg, a large dog can put much higher weight strain on the buckle with a sudden jolt, jump. Plastic buckle collars are NOT suitable for tie-outs and agitation training. If your large dog misbehaves, you are getting plastic buckle collar on your own responsibility, we will not be held guilty if the dog breaks out and attacks/runs. For heavy use, protection k9, or misbehaving dog we strongly recommend getting collars with Cobra buckles (AustriAlpin) that are also available in our offer.

Some items description include dog's weight limit, this means that dogs heavier than that are likely to damage the item and should use items more appropriate for their weight. Any damage done by a dog heavier than stated won't be covered by our warranty.

5. Standard wear of materials

Items made with camouflage webbing have the webbing printed (Texcel Industries Inc. from USA), this means plain webbing is covered with a thin layer of print. Unfortunately it means that the colours will fade in time, and if not taken properly care of, might nearly completely disappear. Texcel Industries Inc. is the only company in the world supplying most of the printed genuine camouflage webbing so we consider them the highest quality possible. Do not use strong detergents and abrasives on printed webbing. Each time the items get soaked, especially in salt water or get dirty, rinse throughout and let air-dry. Salt is a bleaching agent, and destroys fabrics. We don't consider colour fading a fault entitled for a refund, it occurs with use and is considered standard material wear.

Cobra buckles by AustriAlpin are covered in powder paint, small chips and scratches will appear on the buckles with use. Paint chipping is not covered by our guarantee and shows with standard use. Prolonged contact with salt water oxidizes aluminium in Cobra buckles, always rinse the collar after sea time.

6. RETURNS OF CUSTOMIZED ITEMS THAT SHOW NO FAULTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This consists of items with extra patch areaname patchcustom-fitted sizeID tag rings and any other alternations requested by buyer. If you return a customized item it will be safely stored in our unit until you pay for posting it back to you, no refund will be given, as stated above. This law exist in all countries we sell to. Basing on Consumer Rights Law Art.38, point 3) of Polish law, consumer loses rights to return item if it was custom-made to suit their needs [Original extract: 'Prawo odstąpienia od umowy zawartej poza lokalem przedsiębiorstwa lub na odległość nie przysługuje konsumentowi w odniesieniu do umów: (....) 3) w której przedmiotem świadczenia jest rzecz nieprefabrykowana, wyprodukowana według specyfikacji konsumenta lub służąca zaspokojeniu jego zindywidualizowanych potrzeb;']

7. Refund / return cases are dealt with on individual basis, if you have any issues with our products, please contact us before posting the item back on We will assess the item basing on pictures of it and if the damage is covered by our guarantee and can be fixed we will ask you to post the item to us. Usual time required for fixing the item depends largely on the item type and damage to be fixed but is not longer than 14 days from receiving date. We recommend sending items by a tracked service, as we won't be responsible for items that were lost in post.

Why is it important to contact us first before posting item back:

  • Return cost is covered by the buyer, we will cover cost of shipping the fixed item back to the buyer. 
  • If the item cannot be fixed we won't require posting the item back and will proceed with refund
  • If the buyer posts item back to us and we will assess that it is not covered by our guarantee, the item will be stored safely in our warehouse until the buyer pays for shipping it back to them, no refund will be offered.


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