Adventure Belt, hands-free dog walking

Brand: MIA K9
Shipping time Europe 1 week, overseas 2-3 weeks

Venture into the world with your dog, hands free, with excellent lower back support and all essentials packed in pouches around your waist!

Here's something for those long walks into the unknown. A day's trip doesn't require a tent, sleeping bag, spare clothes etc. so why use a backpack? The Adventure Belt allows you to attach up to 3 large pouches, there are 16 PALS in 2 rows on the pad. Fits all you need and then some more.

Our Adventure Belt is inspired by a well known War Belt used by the Military.

You have two types of belts available, the D-ring Cobra belt and Cobra buckle + parachuting V-ring combo belt. Both are as strong and the choice is a matter of preference. 

The parachuting V-ring is silver by default but can be 'painted' black by item in our ADD-ONS section for a little fee:  

If you prefer to have Adventure Belt without any D-ring, you can order the Cobra Belt on our site and get only the 'pad alone' as this item.

The belt itself is fully removable and moves freely inside the pad, thanks to this feature the pad and pouches stay in place even when your dog pulls left and right dragging the belt buckle from side to side. The pad can be washed in low temp, do not wring!- let it air dry. 

Any pouch with MOLLE system will fit but why search elsewhere when you can get matching ones with us and pay shipping only once? Follow the link to find pouches: 


Available sizes: 

1: up to 110 cm/ 43.3 inches 

2: up to 130 cm/51.2 inches

3: custom size: leave the 'up to' size in message box given

Pad size does NOT change with belt size.

Cobra buckle colour is matched as closely to belt colour as our stocks allow.

The Adventure Belt is ready to ship in 3-5 business days.



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