Webbing dog leash

Brand: MIA K9
Shipping time Europe 1 week, overseas 2-3 weeks

My leashes are made for durability, but they also look great. The stitching is neat and very strong because I take pride in quality of my products. The webbing the leash is made of is tough enough to survive a tug-of-war with only few creases and a lot of slobber on it, no rips or tears. The handle is padded with upholstery suede for grip comfort, because nobody likes the cheap nylon leashes that bite into our hands when dog pulls. Additional handle close to the hook makes it more comfortable to keep your dog close when needed. Our fast release shackle is extremely resistant against strain, weather conditions and scratches, and it looks good too. Used in marine equipment. Just pull the linchpin and watch your dog instantaneously bolt after its prey! We also have classic hooks available to go with our leashes.

The leash has comfortable length of approx. 165cm so that you don't trip over or kick your dog if they like to walk in front of you. If for any reason you would like a different length, remember I make them at my workshop so any length alternation is possible! If required length is not readily available use Contact Us form on this site.

The leash can be customized with a name patch or have a d-ring added to the handle for looping the leash when you need to tether the dog short for a moment. Check out our ADD-ONS category.

     tether ring      


  • Webbing strap (1.2mm thick, holds up to 500kg pull!) made of polyamide (nylon). Width 25mm/1inch
  • Handle padded with foam-lined upholstery suede.
  • Classic snap hook (heavy duty)
  • Top class climbing carabiner Frog Cable by Kong -break load 2,5 TONS(!!!)- OR classic snap hook heavy duty -break load 200kg-
  • (OPTIONAL) Small handle close to leash clip to hold dog close, with velcro to keep it flat when not needed, not padded.
  • Thread: Amman 
  • Length approx. 165cm/1.8yard

 Please be aware that by altering any detail in this product, like changing length to a custom one, requesting changing of hardware/thread colours, adding a D ring or a sew-on patch etc. , you are willingly abandoning your right to return the item, even if you change your mind. This does not affect your statutory rights. You have only legal right to return a customized item if a fault is found in it. This law covers all countries we sell to. For more details see our Policies.



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