Cobra FM collar 25mm wide, the best collar for puppies/ small dogs

Brand: MIA K9
Shipping time Europe 1 week, overseas 2-3 weeks

Small dog/puppy collar in heavy duty version! Tiny yet strong AA Cobra FM buckle, aluminium alloy V-ring on 1" webbing. 

Lightweight! Only a bit over 40 grams (exact weight depends on the size)


Size 1: 25 cm - 31cm / 9.8 inch - 12 inch

Size 2: 30 cm - 41cm / 11.8 inch - 16 inch

Size 3: 32 cm - 48cm / 12.5 inch - 18.9 inch (only available if requested in order note)

Cobra® FM adjustable -25mm:

Designed for apparel (e.g. belts, bags...) and general sporting use (e.g. backpacks, PFDs), or anywhere a sweet high-quality buckle is required. **NOT FOR USE IN SAFETY, FALL-PROTECTION OR HIGH LOAD BEARING APPLICATIONS** 800lb working capacity. 18 grams weight



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