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Bungee Leash Divider/Coupler

Divide your leash into two with this attachment

Bungee leash lessens the shock of a sudden pull for both the owner and the dogs tied together

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$ 26.36

Walking two dogs can be difficult, tangling of their leashes can make every walk an annoying experience. Get a leash divider and attach both dogs to the same leash! Just clip your leash to the ring between the divider arms.

One arm of the divider is 50cm long and extends to approx 60cm

The length given is the length of one slack arm, not the total spread. The maximum space between dogs is the length of two arms.

Clip types:

• With an innovating approach, that characterizes KONG, comes out Frog, a revolutionary directional connector, provided with an automatic clamping that takes place touching the anchor point. Frog makes obsolete the concept of a carabiner thought as a "hook"

• Argon S carabiner with screw lock by KONG, lightweight and secure!

• Classic snap hook used in dog leashes, this one is heavy duty, perfect for everyday use NOT suitable for tie-outs

• The fast release shackle is extremely resistant against strain, weather conditions and scratches, and it looks good too. Used in marine equipment. Just pull the linchpin and watch your dog instantaneously bolt after its prey (or a ball)!


-Tubular webbing made of mil-spec polyamide (nylon) – 500kg breaking load makes it more than enough to hold any dog

-Top class climbing carabiner Frog Cable by Kong - breaking load 2,5 TONS(!!!) with a feather weight of 50 grams

-Argon S carabiner by Kong - break load 2,2 TONS

-Classic snap hook - heavy duty - breaking load 200 kg

-Marinetech fast release snap shackle, polished stainless steel - breaking load 1.8 tons, CAUTION! it's quite heavy: shackle weights 112 grams/ 4 oz

-Thread: Amman

-Width 25 mm / 1 inch

Leashes sold separately


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