How it all started. Some of our first customer photos.

Everything has a starting point. One day an idea hits a person sparking the need of creating something of their own, whether it is a hobby, artistic project, business idea or their own product brand.

How MIA K9 has started? 

With a need of good quality dog products for our dogs. 

In June 2014, Piotr Wrobel, our founder, wanted a tough collar for Guinness: 50 kg GSD/Malamute not-so-good-boy and Mia: crazy and hyped GSD/Malinois anxiety-prone girl. Pet shops are full of pretty and mostly decorative dog accessories, they are made to look good not always to work good. 

Getting wide collar, in extra large size is often hard, sometimes impossible, "with a handle? What do you mean a collar with handle?"... So he searched the internet. Again, getting what he wanted was not as easy. Collars were either ridiculously expensive, sloppily stitched or had to be imported from across the globe.

That's when he came up with the idea of making his own collar, how hard can it be, right? Wrong... Took many internet searches, checking tactical-theme forums, finding sellers of high quality mil.spec. materials and hardware, spending hours designing the collar looks, dimensions, durability, stitching patterns and all technicalities. 

Then this tall man, a car mechanic and physical worker, sat behind a household sewing machine, another problem came up, how the hell do you thread it? He obviously had no idea how it all works, never had any contact with it. And here came a surprise, after a short instruction he showed up a hidden talent! 

Practice makes perfect. The first few tries were not good enough, stitches not straight enough, webbing layers not alighted perfectly. 

Finally this perfectionist was satisfied with his work and Guinness and Mia got their new heavy-duty collars with handle.  The collars went through field trials in sun, rain and mud, passed every test the dogs could put on them. 

Soon after, MIA K9- Military Inspired Active Dog Gear showed up on eBay. A year after the adventure has started, website was created, our first online shop.

Weronika Bujakiewicz


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